[Scribus] Applescript to python tutorial?

Wed Jan 26 10:25:15 CET 2005

> Has anyone written a primer for people wishing to recreate their 
> Quark Applescript systems using Scribus & Python?
> We have a dozen or so Applescripts that perform a range of tasks for 
> us in Quark 3 running under Classic. I'd dearly like to dump it (and 
> Classic) for Scribus, but need to get my head around scripting.
> A comparative, line-by-line run through of a something like 'make 
> doc, make pic box, import pic, make text box, import text, add 
> styles, save, close' done in AppleScript & Python would be ideal.

hi John,

Pyhton in Scribus knows it all. What exactly do you need?

see docs for e.g. (tasks you listed above):
newDoc(size, margins, orientation, firstPageNumber, unit, facingPages, firstSideLeft)
createImage(x, y, width, height, ["name"]) -> string
loadImage("filename" [, "name"])
createText(x, y, width, height, ["name"]) -> string
setText("text", ["name"])
setStyle("style" [, "name"])


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