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Robin Munn robin.munn
Mon Jan 24 16:04:26 CET 2005

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 06:03:13 -0700, Charles Wolff <ramart at sofast.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> Scribus must stop comparing itself to Adobe In Design and Quark. The
> Scribus I downloaded is MS Publisher and may be worse. I have used Adobe
> for years on my Mac system and what you have is junk. On the Mandrake 10
> CD set Scribus is listed as "a work in progress",true enough, so please
> keep listing your junk for free, I cannot imagine paying for the mess. I
> am not going to waste time with a list of gripes, you are not Adobe, so
> cool your heels.
> CW

You know, this kind of feedback is just not very helpful. Criticism is
fine, but how do you expect the Scribus developers to improve based on
the above E-mail? All you say is "Adobe and Quark are better", without
listing any specific ways in which Scribus falls short.

You said, "I am not going to waste time with a list of gripes" --
actually, the fact that you left out a list of gripes turned this
E-mail into a waste of time. If you had included a list of specific
things that annoy you about Scribus, there would be a chance of them
changing. As it is, put yourself in the shoes of a developer receiving
this E-mail. Would you know what the sender disliked? No -- so you
wouldn't know what to do about it.

In short, please do send that specific "list of gripes". Otherwise,
nothing is going to change. Oh, and next time, please try to be a
little nicer about it. If you say, "Here are some ways where Scribus
falls short of Adobe and where it could be improved," it's going to be
received ever so much better than saying "Scribus is junk," and you'll
have a much better chance of your suggestions being acted upon.

Robin Munn
rmunn at pobox.com
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