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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Mon Jan 24 16:30:41 CET 2005

>Scribus must stop comparing itself to Adobe In Design and Quark. The 
>Scribus I downloaded is MS Publisher and may be worse. I have used 
>Adobe  for years on my Mac system and what you have is junk. On the 
>Mandrake 10  CD set Scribus is listed as "a work in progress",true 
>enough, so please  keep listing your junk for free, I cannot imagine 
>paying for the mess. I  am not going to waste time with a list of 
>gripes, you are not Adobe, so  cool your heels.

Hi Charles,

Please grab the latest version. (Maybe you can tell us what version 
you have from the Help menu.) Your opinion might as well change a 
bit. I believe what's on the official Mandrake 10 is not up-to-date 
and the "work in progress" has reached a point, over the last year of 
development, where Scribus is full-featured, efficient and, in just 
one word, works. And works well. I work with Quark everyday since 
1988. Way back then, Quark didn't have multi-column and baseline 
grid, nor did it have transparency... (still doesn't in 6.5) and we 
waited so long for a PDF exporter... And it is still very difficult, 
if at all possible, to recover corrupted Quark files. Scribus can do 
all of that and we're only at 1.2... Believe me, Scribus is an 
amazing piece of software. So, please do you a favor and upgrade!

All the best,


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