[Scribus] How to do impositions with pstops

Peter Nermander peter.nermander
Tue Jan 25 21:05:08 CET 2005

Since there have been some discussions here about impositions I decided to finally launch the tutorial I have been working on. I have been doing impositions with pstops for a couple of years and having learned what pstops can do I almost start to cry when I see how some people "misuse" the tools in psutils:-)

I don't say anything against people using psbook piped to psnup for simple booklets, but then people combine psbook and psnup with pstops it's obvious that they haven't really found out what pstops can do (although it can possibly be blamed on the manpage for pstops:-).

So, if you didn't already know: pstops is the "master" of psutils. It can do everything the other utilities can do. And some more.

Heres the tutorial http://nermander.homeip.net/imposition/

(It was a text file from the start, I've just put in some HTML markup.)


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