[Scribus] What is this

Mon Jan 24 16:16:49 CET 2005

> Hello,
> Scribus must stop comparing itself to Adobe In Design and Quark. The  
> Scribus I downloaded is MS Publisher and may be worse. I have 
> used Adobe  
> for years on my Mac system and what you have is junk. On the 
> Mandrake 10  
> CD set Scribus is listed as "a work in progress",true enough, 
> so please  
> keep listing your junk for free, I cannot imagine paying for 
> the mess. I  
> am not going to waste time with a list of gripes, you are not 
> Adobe, so  
> cool your heels.
> CW

hi Charlie.
How you can be so evil you compare InDesign with Quark?! Or Quark with InDesign?
Anyway thank you for your 2cents and keep your wheels full of the fire... ;)


p.s.: do you know this one? "mess with the best... die like the rest!'

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