[Scribus] issues with printing transparency

Tino Schwarze scribus.lists
Mon Jan 24 10:12:40 CET 2005

Hi there,

at first: Scribus is great. I've been using 1.2 for the first real
project now and it helped a lot - I could do things which would not have
been possible without it (real DTP actually).

I've got a flyer (actually a folder) here which should go to print asap.
The problem is that the transparency of some images seems to create
problems. The flyer has a solid-color background. On top of this is
text, with some images and text flowing around them.

The images are various photos where the main object has been
"freigestellt" (exempted?) from the background - everything around the
objects is transparent. I then created a contour line because changing
the shape is a bit cumbersome (the bounding box is affected by the
handles and corners for example). The resulting PDF looked alright but
printing it (via Acrobat Reader 5.09 on Linux or directly from Scribus)
to my shiny-new Samsung CLP-550 (which understans PS3) made the images
look wrong - the transparency was not handled correctly, one could see
a white rectangular area below the image.

I was able to improve the situation by actually editing the shapes of
the images, but I fear that the objects will still get a white aura
after printing. BTW: When I export a Level 3 Postscript from Acrobat
Reader, ghostscript 7.07 displayed the file alright.

Is this a known limitation of some component? What can I do about it if
the print shop complains? Would it make sense to export a PDF/X?



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