[Scribus] Bug? Reformatting during first 2 min

Ralf-Diether Ebel ATN-GmbH ebel
Mon Jan 24 08:32:40 CET 2005

Hello list,
I'm wondering if I have found a bug. Setting a book (now 82pg) always when I 
open it and jump to the last pages I find that the format was not the same as 
when I save it. Some headings where on the bottom of the page before and so 
on. Then I did some scrolling to the top of the documents and some time went 
ago(1-2 min), I didn't edit the text. When I went back to the wrong pages 
everythin was ok. So I wonder if Scribus when the document is already opened 
is editable goes through the document and formats it. Then it would be good if 
the user can see this and know when it is finished and also perhaps for himselft 
start this reformatting. Should I file this as a bug?
Ralf-Diether Ebel

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