[Scribus] OT: Collecting scanner output (.ps) in one pdf document

Sebastian Roeder sebastian.roeder
Thu Jan 20 23:57:54 CET 2005

I managed to get my scanner Epson Perfection 1260 working with xsaen and 
the sane-backend from epkowa.

For university I often have to scan a lot of pages, which can be easily 
saved as one pdf document with the Windows software from Epson.

Now I am trying to do this with my Gentoo Linux, too.

I first tryied cups-pdf virtual printer - but this works only with root 
previlegs and is not very configurable. I can not collect files for 
output with this solution either.

Now, I?m thinking about a solution with ps files. ps2pdf can create pdfs 
from postcript, the quality was good enough for my needs (I scan mostly 
text files, most important is that the files can be read with every 
Acrobat Reader on Win/Mac/Linux - I don`t need pre-press quality).

What`s missing is a way to concate the files from the scanner page-1.ps, 
page-2.ps ... to one ps file.

I don`t know exactly whether psutils can do this, pstill would might be 
an alternative possibility.

Finally I?d like to end up in a little script, which I can give the 
basename of the files as an argument and it make the pdf of all the ps 
files with the basename in it.

Example: scan2pdf exampledoc
# This script will collect exampledoc-1.ps + exampledoc-2.ps ... and 
produce exampledoc.pdf

I hope somebody of the pdf / ps pros here in the list can help me out or 
give me some pointers, as I am not very familar with ps /pdf and 
scripting at all.

I have to mention that I can not use ghostscript-afpl, only "normal" 
ghostscript because afpl is kind of broken in Gentoo atm (doesn`t print 
with cups).

Thanks for your help!

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