[Scribus] suse 9.2 ok

Bart Alberti bart
Thu Jan 20 15:10:04 CET 2005

My fears were groundless. SuSE 9.2 upgraded from a clean install of a
prior 9.1 flawlessly (they say  one should upgrade one point at a time).
kernel 2.6 is tougher on modems and I am at this moment writing from a
9.1 box with an Intel 536ep for which there is a package.
By the way, the clean install for 9.1 after the upgrade from 9.0 failed 
  because I could only enter the graphics as 'root' for user bart I got
X server not installed'
which was nonsense. The new desktop was corrupted and there were
/dev/null permission denied
messages. They mention this on their note on the support data base which
is indeed still open and available and which indeed i have bookmarked.
Thank you all for the vigorous finger wagging in my direction.
N. B. The list of fixes in 9.1 is inordinately long; 9.2 seems better,
at least so far.

Bart Alberti

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