[Scribus] Re: A few problems

Malte Cornils malte
Tue Jan 18 19:52:11 CET 2005


Am Dienstag, 18. Januar 2005 17:35 schrieb Steve Jacobs:
> On Tue, 18 Jan 2005 19:06:23 +0100
> "Peter Nermander" <peter.nermander at abc.se> wrote:
> > Well, changing reader won't change the fact that there is no pagesize
> > information in the postscript file... At least not as I can find. And
> > since my script for doing impositions need to be able to find out the
> > pagesize from the file I have to edit the postscript to add pageseize.
> My Scribus-generated Postscript files have page size info:
> %%BeginPageSetup
> GS_pswrite_2_0_1001 begin
> 612 792 /letter setpagesize
> If I set a custom page size "/letter" becomes "null" and the size is still
> set in points correctly. Scribus 1.2.1 and Ghostscript 8.14.

That looks like a Scribus ps file generated as "Postscript Level 2" or 
"Postscript Level 1" - those are generated by scribus as with PS Lvl 3, but 
then automatically piped through ps2ps which uses ghostscript to rewrite the 

> > Or is it just me who knows to little postcscript to find the page size?
> If there is pagesize in kanin.ps I can't find it either. Any chance
> something is wrong with your Ghostscript installation?

Probably, although we never got ghostscript to generate good PS files via 
ps2ps. We'd be very happy when/if scribus gets its own flattener to generate 
PS Lvl 2 by itself. (sometimes we work around problems by exporting as PDF 
and using Acroread to print as Lvl 2 Postscript...)


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