[Scribus] Re: A few problems

Peter Nermander peter.nermander
Tue Jan 18 19:06:23 CET 2005

> Every other viewer I've looked at is either functionally obsolete or missing 
> some functionality. I've personally plead with distro packagers to obsolete 
> some of these ;) 

Well, changing reader won't change the fact that there is no pagesize information in the postscript file... At least not as I can find. And since my script for doing impositions need to be able to find out the pagesize from the file I have to edit the postscript to add pageseize.

Or is it just me who knows to little postcscript to find the page size?

> Correct. However, GS 8.50 does not generate many complaints here about DSC.

GS does not generate any complaints here either. It just assumes the pagesize is A4... But I'm only running 8.14 (I couldn't find windows binary for 8.50?)

The file is at http://nermander.homeip.net/kanin.ps and the pagesize is 70x90 mm. Does it show up that size when you view it with gsview? In that case I have to learn how to find out the page size from that file (so I can make my imposition script work).

> > My second issue is with text flowing around text frames. It works like a
> > charm on an ordinary page. It also works in a page Template. BUT when I
> > assign that template to a page the flowing is gone (and texts appears on
> > top of eachother).

> Possible bug. Please file one with a sample file if you have a good example.

Check out http://nermander.homeip.net/badflow.sla

(I just realised I didn't change the fonts to some standard, it uses fonts from Corel Draw, but I don't think that will affect the issue.)

> > Third item. Snap to guides-settings does not seem to get saved. I'm not
> > sure about any of the other settings in the View menu, but I use guides
> > mainly for this snap feature and it bugs me to have to set this option each
> > time i start Scribus.
> Have you tried renaming your .scribus directory ? This might fix it, tho this 
> kind of issue e.g. preferences files getting messed up, seems rare now.

I even nuked my whole .scribus (by mistake:-) and it still doesn't stick. Note that this is the setting in the View menu, not anything in the preferences dialog.

The different Show-settings in the View menu seem to stick. But not the Snap-settings.

Looking in scribus.rc I can't find anything I can associate with "snap to"... Only the GRAB-distance.

> Bad. There is probably one really useful profile from that directory: sRGB. 
> Monitor profiles are device specific and trulys hould be custom created with 
> profiling tools, even if only visual profiling tools. I'm not sure if lprof 
> exists as a Debian package.

Well I'm not lookig for useable profiles, I just wanted to get things working:-) I'm just playing around with Scribus and learning it. (My long time goal though is to make a computer club abandon PageMaker for their magazine and go for Scribus:-)

And lcms profiling tool has been discontinued. (And the monitor sits on a Windows box runnig an X-server, so I think I should use an RGB-profile for monitor in Scribus and use a profile on the Windows boxes, right? Since Scribus can not know if I'm using the bedroom computer or the working room computer.)
> Simply adding the Adobe profiles might set things right.

THAT did help. I thought the lcms profile package was something similar, but obviosly not.

Since a lot of people seem to have problems with the color management I think it would be an idea to make Scribus tell exactly what is missing before color management becomes active. Does not need to be plain text, something like the CCT-indication would be enough. I mean, the "if's" must already be in the code, just let them add some symbol (or not) to the About-box:-)

Like "If you have just RC_P you're missing a Monitor profile".


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