[Scribus] Problem in the text extraction from the exported pdf file

Dr Siva Sankar M. siva_mss
Mon Jan 17 21:30:21 CET 2005

Hi Friends,

First of all congrats to all the friends in the scribus development for creating a wonderful program 

Iam using Scribus since its version 0.6, I would like to report a problem with its pdf export. When we export pdf and again extract the text from the pdf file using acrobat reader, the text is looking odd, few words are getting split in the mid and few words are getting fused. But, if we export it to postscript and latter convert it to pdf say with acrobat distiller the pdf is fine and text extracted is good as if what we intended to be present.

I wish if there is another feature; for creating links we need to draw a box around the desired text which is a bit combersome as we have to maintain alignment and size, is it possible to just select the desired text and link it so that the text box is created automatically. 

bye bye
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