[Scribus] [Fwd: Problems/Problemas and Sugestions]

Sergio Cambra sergio
Mon Jan 17 21:21:44 CET 2005

El Lunes 17 de Enero de 2005 21:11, iludi escribi?:
> In this item:
> getFontSize(["name"]) -> float
> Returns the font size in points for
> the text frame "name". If this text
> frame has some text selected the value
> assigned to the first character of
> the selection is returned.
> If "name" is not given the currently
> selected item is used.
> I have to translate everything? Even
> the getFontSize and the ?name??
> Sounds like a newbie but in this case
> I'm :)

IMHO you mustn't translate the first line. getFontSize because it's the 
name of a function, float because it's a data type, and name because it's 
the name of an argument (it's useful know the argument name in python? If 
it don't, "name" might be translated)


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