[Scribus] Feature request: OpenOffice 2.0 import / RTF import

Andreas Speck at home andreas.speck
Sun Jan 16 22:24:50 CET 2005

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I'm planning to move away from using QuarkXPress for War Resisters'
International's publications (see http://www.wri-irg.org/br-home.htm),
and to produce them using Scribus. Luckily I was able to set up Scribus
under Cygwin too, as sometimes I have to work in a Windows environment,
although I would prefer not to... I will try our next newsletter with
Scribus, which will require CMYK colours in PDF, as that's what our
printers want... so I hope I will work it out.

Nice to see that Scribus imports OpenOffice documents - unfortunately
OpenOffice is now changing their format to the OpenDocument format, and
the 2.0 release will probably come out within the next few months. I
already now use 1.9.65, as M$ Office compatibility seems to be better
(unfortunately needed), and the word count function is not hidden
somewhere, but easily accessible. How will this effect the OpenOffice
import for Scribus (I know that I can safe in OOo 1.1 format too)? Any
plans to provide import filters for the different OpenDocument formats?
As it seems KOffice might support this standard too in the future, it
might be useful for Scribus to be able to import them too...

And what about RTF? Many applications are able to export as RTF, and so
RTF import would be nice too :)

Anyway - Scribus is on a good way, although I feel that still quite some
things are missing compared to Quark. But I'm happy to move to Scribus,
and hope our other staff and volunteers will appreciate that too...
Besides M$ Access, DTP is one of the few remaining things keeping us
from moving to open source 100%.


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