[Scribus] suse 9.2

Robert Kaiser KaiRo
Sun Jan 16 13:55:30 CET 2005


> whereas -- and this is what bugged me -- the so called NEW SuSE disc box 
> is supposed to come with only THREE CDs; so, you must have a DVD reader. 

The "normal" PROFESSIONAL version comes with 5 CDs (as does the 
UPGRADE), plus 2 DVDs (one of those is only source code packages, the 
other contains everything from the 5 CDs plus a few not-as-often-used 
packages that didn't fit on the CDs).

And it wasn't Novell who nuked WordPerfect, it was Corel who bought it 
and I think doesn't do much development on it recently. As WP is a 
proprietary package and SuSE IMHO always had to pay to be able to 
include a version into its distro, I think it's good to not leave a 
discontinued costly proprietary package in the distro...

In other news, SuSE made Scribus 1.2.1 packages for SuSE 9.2 available 
from their KDE update service...

Robert Kaiser

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