[Scribus] suse 9.2

Bart Alberti bart
Sun Jan 16 04:48:02 CET 2005

I am sorry to sound like a newbie but I have been using SuSE pretty 
regularly now for some years and I am quite happy with it. The problem, 
which is actually quite off topic, is that an external application which 
I compile, dealing with speech synthesis, did not compile or install in 
SuSE 9.0 (an upgrade to it there wrecked it) making upgrade to 9.1 
mandatory (where I have it working). Neither does the latest Hungarian 
marvel, MPlayer pre-5 compile in 9.0. OK; so the move. More to our 
interests, Inkscape has problems, 0-40 with dependencies.
As for 9.2, exactly, I just did the install WITHOUT actually committing 
it, since I MUST have my mission critical tool already in place, I did 
not finish the install here to 9.2. There was no nag or question at all, 
it seems (as far as I got): but usually these things start right away in 
e.g. Windows). The so called ''upgrade'' comes with the FIVE CDs 
(obviously because if one upgrades one upgrades everything one has); 
whereas -- and this is what bugged me -- the so called NEW SuSE disc box 
is supposed to come with only THREE CDs; so, you must have a DVD reader. 
Well, I just got one (for the 9.0 box which goes to 9.1, while the 9.1 
box goes to 9.2, afterwards).

 Oddly the 'upgrade' which has more costs less than the new install 
which has less! As you can see I am terrified of Novell; they wrecked 
IMHO (and others opinions, too) Word Perfect which was a big competitor 
of M S Word and which was not without its publishing abilities: yes, of 
course, it was ONLY a ''word processor''; I understand, and I want and 
use (ex-Quark, Kword with frames) DTP, otherwise I would not be on this 
Thanks for the response; regret the confusion
Bart Alberti

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