[Scribus] suse 9.2 upgrade

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Jan 16 02:37:36 CET 2005

bart at solozone.com wrote:

>Query: How do you update Fedora, similarly from F C 2 to F C 3??
>I do not have broad band otherwise I could just install from on line their f t p server!
>Bart Alberti
Updating FC2/FC3 is, once you get it set up, easy, and you can use 
Redhat's up2date, yum, or apt-get.  More or less you need to choose one 
and stick with it, since they work differently and you'll confuse your 
system about what's up to date.

I use yum, and it's pretty slick -- I prefer a command line approach; of 
course, they changed a bit about how it operates from FC2 to FC3, but I 
have to say it seems faster in FC3. Updates/security fixes come pretty 
fast -- every week or so there will be several programs that will 
update.  I think I've had about 3 or 4 kernel upgrades since I switched 
to FC3 (all within the 2.6.9 series of kernels).

Not having broadband would be a pain.  You should be able to find 
someone to buy (or borrow) the disks/DVD from cheap (or free).

FC4 is scheduled to come out in May -- they are saying that FC2 will go 
to "legacy status" in March.


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