[Scribus] 1.2.1 - triple vision?

Oleksandr Moskalenko malex
Fri Jan 14 18:39:02 CET 2005

* Ralf-Diether Ebel (ATN-GmbH) <ebel at atn-berlin.de> [2005-01-14 07:18:30 +0100]:

> I have since about 2 month compiling the 1.2.1cvs on Debian unstable the 
> same effect. Has someone also? 
> Also creating a complete new dir, downloading cvs and compiling with local-
> install doesn't help
> Greetings
> Ralf-Diether Ebel

Using pre-made .deb packages would save you all a lot of grief and effort.
Both, releases and cvs packages, some of which make their way into Debian
proper, are built by me on a regular basis. Email me or visit #scribus IRC
channel for the location of my staging repository if you wish. If you really
want to build your own packages you can use my "debian" directory from the
current scribus release (1.2.1) source package. If for some undisclosed
personal reason you don't want to use debian packages, use xstow to properly
contain your scribus cvs builds and create appropriate links in /usr/local/...
I've used xstow to separate my testing scribus cvs builds from packaged
scribus for many months with great results. All you need is an installation of
xstow, a base directory for it such as /usr/local/stow or something like that,
and giving a prefix to scribus's ./configure, for example "./configure
--prefix=/usr/local/stow/scribus-1.2cvs". After you build and "make install"
scribus you run "xstow scribus-1.2cvs" in the /usr/local/stow in my case and
voila', you get a perfectly setup copy of your own scribus cvs build in the
/usr/local/ hierarchy. Make sure that you know what your $PATH settings are as
they will determine which copy of scribus runs when you type it at the command
line as the packaged scribus gets installed into /usr/bin.

I am not implying that you don't know how to do these things, but this
information might be useful to someone else reading this list. Main point: it
is easy to stay current with scribus cvs using pre-built cvs packages that are
of the same quality (most of the time) as those that go into the official
Debian archives.



/Debian scribus maintainer/

> "Ciro A. Soto" <cirosoto at ameritech.net> wrote
> > This is my third attempt:
> > When compiling 1.2.1cvs or 1.2.1 I get
> > three times of the 'script' menu,
> > three times of the 'New from Template"
> > three times of the 'save as template'
> > three times of the 'print preview"
> > ... and many more triples
> > I don't get any error message from the compilation.
> > I am using linux fedora core 3, kernel 2.6.9-1.667smp,
> > i686 machine.
> > Could any of the developers give me a hint how
> > to solve this problem? any flag to pass to the
> > configure?
> > any software to pre-install?
> > 
> > thank you
> > Ciro
> > 
> > 
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