[Scribus] OT: templates

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Jan 14 01:54:38 CET 2005

VAN?K Petr wrote:

>these pythonic templates are done already. You can write any script
>you can and it can create so much pages you want to ;)
>The main problem imho is that the conversion page layout -> python
>script is very mechanical and not_so_creative work. (Maybe I can
>write script which outputs the script which creates page layout)
The first question I have is, where are these pythonic templates (I LIKE 
that term, it sounds so much like 'tectonic plates' as if we're moving 
the Earth.)?

I've looked at the sample python scripts, and I have to say that they do 
not seem very instructive.
It would be nice to seem some constructs that show, for example, 'here 
is how you set up a page with a text frame with this content and an 
image frame with that content'.

Is it possible to use qt commands in python with scribus?


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