[Scribus] OT: templates

Thu Jan 13 07:41:48 CET 2005

> I am anticipating that what could happen with Scribus, and 
> set it apart 
> in yet another way, would be to take the whole idea of templates and 
> translate it into a collection of python scripts, which generate 
> templates on the fly, page by page, as needed.
>  From what I am reading, python "wants" you to break things down into 
> functions, which can then be used as modules by other scripts.
> Templates remind me too much of the rather stiff ones that OpenOffice 
> Impress has -- yuck!

hi Greg.

these pythonic templates are done already. You can write any script
you can and it can create so much pages you want to ;)
The main problem imho is that the conversion page layout -> python
script is very mechanical and not_so_creative work. (Maybe I can
write script which outputs the script which creates page layout)


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