[Scribus] mailing list reply adress ?

Morten Langlo mlanglo
Thu Jan 13 14:06:22 CET 2005

tor, 13 jan, 2005, 13:41:35 +0100, skrev Bo??tjan ??peti??:
> hey
> on this and several other mailing lists (ocal for instance), when i hit 
> reply, the to: address is of the individual who wrote the posting, and not 
> of the mailing list. thus i constantly send personal e-mail instead of 
> replying to the lists.. is this normal, is it just my client, doesn't this 
> annoy anyone else?
> just checking... ;)

Hello bostjan.

It's the only thing the mail-client can do. when you reply 
to a mail, you reply to the "From: address".

But some mail-clients you can tell it's coming from a mailing list, 
f.ex. in the Mutt rcfile, I just write

    subscribe scribus at nashi.altmuehlnet.de 

and then if I want to reply directly to the sender i press "r" and
if i want to reply to the list I press "L" and the address is then 
taken from the "To: address" field.



Morten Langlo
8550 Ryomg?rd

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