[Scribus] pdf creation - image downsampling

Andy Prior andyprior
Wed Jan 12 10:33:14 CET 2005

Dear All,

I wrote to the list previously on this subject but there was no reply - don't 
know why.

The action of image downsampling in the pdf creation dialogue is to downsample 
all images, there is no differention between different graphics eg. jpg 
photos and imported pdf graphics.  I believe this to be the wrong philosophy 
as it can lead to the pdf graphics looking unacceptably ugly when viewed on 
the screen.

I have changed this behaviour by changing the line "QMIN(Options->PicRes, 
Options->Resolution)" in pdflib.cpp and recompiling.

Would the Scribus developers please consider adding an extra check box to the 
"pdf creation" dialogue to control whether downsampling applies to pdf 

Andy Prior.

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