[Scribus] Scribus CMYK

Kobus Wolvaardt kobuswolf
Wed Jan 12 19:24:50 CET 2005


I really like 1.2.1 and look forward to 1.3 tree. Thanks for a great  

I have one problem. If scribus imports a cmyk file, it changes it to rgb.  
If that file exports as cmyk again it looks different from the original.

Is it possible to add the ability to export the original cmyk colors. A  
previous post suggested that it would be very hard considering the use of  
qpaint. Is it maybe possible to go through all the steps up to where the  
rgb gets converted back to cmyk and add the original cmyk values from the  
file? (maybe add a tickbox in the pdf exporter?)

This is really important for our workflow (certain companies wont pay for  
an ad unless the color is perfect), any advice on fixing this would be  


Die W?reld media

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