[Scribus] OS X, Fink & binaries

linthi linthi
Mon Jan 10 19:17:53 CET 2005

On Jan 9, 2005, at 17:45, Martin Costabel wrote:
> linthi wrote:
>> I am using OS X and Fink. Scribus binary is still v1.2.10 (without 
>> Open Office support). Will it be updated, and when?
> The binary will stay at version 1.2RC1 until a new Fink binary 
> distribution will be prepared, which is not imminent. Until then, if 
> you want to have version 1.2.1, you have to activate the unstable tree 
> and build it from source ("fink install scribus").
> But: Right now, version 1.2.1 crashes for reasons that are not yet 
> quite understood (hopefully soon). In addition, the OpenOffice support 
> has not yet been tested.
> -- 
> Martin

Thanks, you saved me time. I won't use the OS X / Fiink version :'( But 
it works pretty good with Suse 9.2...

By the way, does Scribus 1.2.1 (with OpenOffice support) work on a 
Macintosh with Yellow Dog 4?


PS : Kudos to the Scribus team for improving this nice piece of 
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