[Scribus] OS X, Fink & binaries

Martin Costabel costabel
Sun Jan 9 17:45:52 CET 2005

linthi wrote:

> I am using OS X and Fink. Scribus binary is still v1.2.10 (without Open 
> Office support). Will it be updated, and when?

The binary will stay at version 1.2RC1 until a new Fink binary 
distribution will be prepared, which is not imminent. Until then, if you 
want to have version 1.2.1, you have to activate the unstable tree and 
build it from source ("fink install scribus").

But: Right now, version 1.2.1 crashes for reasons that are not yet quite 
understood (hopefully soon). In addition, the OpenOffice support has not 
yet been tested.


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