[Scribus] Compile error 1.2.1 on Ubuntu

Jozsef Mak j_mak3
Sun Jan 9 21:51:23 CET 2005

>From: Malte Cornils <malte at cornils.net>
>To: scribus at nashi.altmuehlnet.de
>Subject: Re: [Scribus] Compile error 1.2.1 on Ubuntu
>Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 19:36:07 +0100
>Am Sonntag, 9. Januar 2005 19:26 schrieben Sie:
> > Malte Cornils <malte at cornils.net> writes:
> > > 2.) You could also get the source package for libqt3, install its 
> > > dependancies with apt-get build-dep scribus and compile this on a 
> > > system. This does not always work, but most of the time you get a new
> > > package that is more compatible than the hoary package while less
> > > compatible than a carefully done manual backport. (I'll spare you the
> > > details - if you can install all build deps and the package builds and
> > > dpkg -I shows good dependancies, installing it should be safe).
> >
> > There might be a more simple solution. AFAIK, ubuntu is basically
> > Debian? Is it possible to install Debian packages on it? There are
> > lots of backports for Debian "woody", see www.apt-get.org
>That won't work IIRC, warty is based on an earlier version of sarge, not on
>woody, and one important difference between those two versions is the new
>gcc-3.x, which results in incompatibility regarding C++ libs (ABI changed).
>libqt3 is one of those. That's also why some packages now have the c102
>suffix to their names.
>That is also a good example of why randomly getting packages from newer
>version of the unstable distribution while having most packages on testing
>("pinning") is not always such a good idea.

So far ive installed the following packages.


I don't know what else can i do.

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