[Scribus] Images in PDF output

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sun Jan 9 20:20:04 CET 2005

On Sunday 09 January 2005 18:55, Henry Hartley wrote:
> I've created a few documents in Scribus and am very happy with it
> overall.  Sure, it takes a bit of getting used to but that's true with
> any sophisticated piece of software.  My question has to do with image
> quality in pdf documents created by scribus.  What happens is this: I
> have images that I've edited (either in GIMP on Linux or Photoshop on
> Windows).  The images look go both on-screen and when printed directly
> from GIMP or Photoshop.  Next, I create a document in scribus and place
> the photograph in that document.  I create a PDF document from that
> scribus document and take it to be printed.  The photograph, however, is
> seriously washed out.  It appears washed out in the pdf when viewed
> on-screen, also.
> I'm not sure if this happens during the inclusion of the image into the
> scribus document or at the point where the PDF is created.  I haven't
> found any way to control the images other than going back into the image
> in GIMP and darkening them (much darker than seems reasonable).  Is that
> what I should be doing or is there something else going on that I can
> control?  Thanks for any advice you can provide.

As for Kobus, dont use Printer destination which will convert to CMYK. Let the 
images stay as RGB by using Screen/Web and give them an RGB PDF. Having said 
that, giving them a CMYK document should be perfectly ok if they know what 
they are doing.


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