[Scribus] saving files with images

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Jan 8 02:50:52 CET 2005

vassilis wrote:

>Halo all!
>I am a new user to scribus and hopefully I will also be a fan..
>My problem: I can't seem to manage to save my .sla files with the images that 
>I include. When I open a saved file all the pictures are missing! Any idea 
>how I can work this out?
>Also something else: is there a manual I can download? It would come in very 
Scribus does not save images in the .sla files -- you can look at them 
with an editor and see they're just markup text, with information about 
the file path so that Scribus can load the image when you open the .sla 
file.  If you move your image or haven't mounted the partition where 
they're located, then Scribus can't find the image.
Once you make a PDF, the image data is embedded in the .pdf file -- 
which is why they are so much bigger.


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