[Scribus] Raising or lowering text!!

Suki Venkat, [TnQ] skvenkat
Fri Jan 7 13:34:28 CET 2005


First of all, I must congratulate the scribus folks for
already a very good job done!!
Scribus at 1.2 is already very good at making PDF++!!
The .sla in XML format is something that I like the most.

I looked at Scribus 1.3 road-map and saw my favorite
character-styles on top of the list, but will it include
nested styles ?
I also found that I couldn't raise or lower text arbitrarily!!
The superscript/subscript/smallcaps can only be adjusted globally
for all fonts, but let us say I want to raise/lower them differently
for different fonts?
I must say there is another weird use of raising and lowering text
(along with arbitrary negative kerning) that makes all of LaTeX maths
possible in Scribus (if you don't believe me I can send you PDF-samples
done in InDesign).
This I must say is just to put in a strong word for its inclusion in the
1.3++ roadmap (even in openoffice you couldn't raise/lower it beyond

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