[Scribus] scribus font problem

Mark Kimsal mkimsal
Fri Jan 7 18:26:35 CET 2005

panos wrote:

> Hi from Athens,
> First of all congratulations to the scribus team for this great software.
> I 'm running a publishing house and I 'm are very interested by the 
> scribus software. We try and test it since version 1.1 on a mandrake 
> 9.0, and 9.2 system. Until version 1.1.7 we have not any problem.
> Recently we upgrade one of our pcs to mandrake 10.1 and we installed 
> scribus 1.2 and the trouble begin. IT 'S IMPOSSIBLE to have the accent 
> letters. Same with version 1.2.1.
> If we try to write a text directly in a text frame all greek 
> characters are fine but the accented ones are not accepted. The 
> strange thing is that when we use the menu option "insert" then we 
> have no problem!!!
> In the internal editor the accented letters are very well accepted and 
> displayed on the screen but when it's time to save and update the text 
> frame in the document then the entered text stops at the first 
> accented character !!!
> By the way, all other text processing software (Open Office, K-Office) 
> is working nicely event in the ancient greek multi-accent system, so i 
> suppose that it is not a system or font configuration problem.
> Any ideas?

I have (Mandrake) Linux 10.1 with scribus-1.2 and scribus-1.2CVS.  I 
have succesfully used both with entering Chinese characters in GB2312 
and UTF-8 encodings.  If you can give me exact instructions to reproduce 
the probmem I can help debug the problem.  I am able to reproduce a 
similar "bug" where greek letters are rendered as boxes, but if I 
highlight the words in the story editor, choose a different font, and 
then publish down to the text area it renders correctly.  It sounds like 
you are using a font that doesn't have glyphs for accented characters.

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