[Scribus] scribus font problem

panos pvouzas
Fri Jan 7 17:34:09 CET 2005

Hi from Athens,

First of all congratulations to the scribus team for this great software.

I 'm running a publishing house and I 'm are very interested by the 
scribus software. We try and test it since version 1.1 on a mandrake 
9.0, and 9.2 system. Until version 1.1.7 we have not any problem.
Recently we upgrade one of our pcs to mandrake 10.1 and we installed 
scribus 1.2 and the trouble begin. IT 'S IMPOSSIBLE to have the accent 
letters. Same with version 1.2.1.

If we try to write a text directly in a text frame all greek characters 
are fine but the accented ones are not accepted. The strange thing is 
that when we use the menu option "insert" then we have no problem!!!
In the internal editor the accented letters are very well accepted and 
displayed on the screen but when it's time to save and update the text 
frame in the document then the entered text stops at the first accented 
character !!!

By the way, all other text processing software (Open Office, K-Office) 
is working nicely event in the ancient greek multi-accent system, so i 
suppose that it is not a system or font configuration problem.

Any ideas?

Thank you


PS. Sorry for my poor english, and happy new year !!!!

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