[Scribus] 250-300 page book

Peter Nermander peter.nermander
Wed Jan 5 16:48:05 CET 2005

> Anyways - I'm looking for tips and suggestions for doing 250-350 page book
> projects in Scribus. Our books will feature lots of screen captures. One of

For such large books I think LyX would be more suitable, although modifying LaTeX styles is a pain... (Before I discovered Scribus my dream was to find a graphical LaTeX style editor:-)

I have bookbinding as my major interest (just a hobby, but that's how I got into looking at DTP), I have downloaded several books from Project Gutenberg and printed them using LyX (I use GutenMark to "convert" to LaTeX, import into LyX and do some fine tuning, export to postscript and make impositions using a home made perl script and pstops from psutils, print on A3 sheets in a duplex laser printer, fold and bind by hand). Since I can't print larger than A3 and don't want to many signatures I have used 16-page signatures making the books A6 size. This means that for example Robin Hood ended up at 450 pages... Now my linux-machine is a P75 with 64 MB RAM. I don't think Scribus would even load such a large document on that machine:-) I'm already having problems with 16-page documents.

Of course Scribus feature with automatic text frames is a good help, but I still feel that using LyX for such large documents is easier (and very much faster).


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