[Scribus] Images stay black in pdf after switching to 1.30 CVS

Tobias Kahre tobias.kahre
Mon Feb 28 21:51:53 CET 2005

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 18:48:57 +0100
Craig Bradney <cbradney at zip.com.au> wrote:

> It should not be the case. Please note on opening and saving, as the
> warning  says, 1.3 files are NOT backward compatible, so be careful. 

 I made a copy of the 1.2 version.

> I used PDF export 
> yesterday with 1.3 and it was fine. There may be 1.2->1.3 transfer
> issues,  but I doubt it in this case.

> What kind of image? Which PDF viewer were you using?

image type is jpg, viewer is xpdf 3.00

I just made a minmal example *.sla, but unfortunately, or fortunately
:-), the transfer went fine.

> Please remain with 1.2 for production usage at this point.

I'll do this.

Thanks a lot,

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