[Scribus] scribalbum.py

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Feb 27 23:20:18 CET 2005

Craig Bradney wrote:

>On Sunday 27 February 2005 22:36, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>>This is a revision of the scribalbuma4.py script. Once again, it uses
>>1.2.2cvs as of 02.10 or after, so that you have access to the scripter
>>command setScaleImageToFrame().
>>This one is designed for US Letter paper, and instead of putting eight
>>pictures on a page, only four.  If it was modified for A4 paper, you may
>>need to shrink the pictures a little, but then you may also be able to
>>put six pictures on a page and still leave some room.
>>What I use this for is making travelogue-like output from Scribus.
>>Example: I just went to London for a few days, and took 57 pictures.  I
>>stick them in a directory, then use scribalbum.py to create 15 pages of
>>output, with labels for the individual pictures.
>>I then add text frames to describe what's in the photos.  Since some
>>pictures may have been taken "sideways", I have enough space that I can
>>rearrange and resize the pictures when I wish. Turning it into a PDF
>>means I have the whole thing and the pictures in one file.
>you could try to get access to EXIF information and autorotate :)
If I had a lot of sideways pictures I would do this.  What I generally 
do is use Gimp to rotate the sideways ones anyway (since I may just be 
looking at them in a viewer), so they're straight up coming into Scribus 
by the time I use scribalbum.py.  All I do in Scribus is reposition and 
There are lots of possibilities at this point -- making right and left 
facing pages with appropriate shifts.  And certainly one would not have 
to have the same layout on every page.
I think the point with this script anyway is that this just takes some 
of the tedium from a repetitive task.  Loading the pictures into a 
document, especially when there are a lot of them, is quite boring.  
Scribus is really the "muscle-app" here, no question.  As we have 
discussed before, we want to make sure we leave for Scribus the tasks 
that it does so effortlessly and so well.  And besides, we all enjoy 
some hand-tweaking of our layout, or we wouldn't be interested in DTP, 
would we?


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