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Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Feb 27 22:36:01 CET 2005

This is a revision of the scribalbuma4.py script. Once again, it uses 
1.2.2cvs as of 02.10 or after, so that you have access to the scripter 
command setScaleImageToFrame().

This one is designed for US Letter paper, and instead of putting eight 
pictures on a page, only four.  If it was modified for A4 paper, you may 
need to shrink the pictures a little, but then you may also be able to 
put six pictures on a page and still leave some room.

What I use this for is making travelogue-like output from Scribus.  
Example: I just went to London for a few days, and took 57 pictures.  I 
stick them in a directory, then use scribalbum.py to create 15 pages of 
output, with labels for the individual pictures.
I then add text frames to describe what's in the photos.  Since some 
pictures may have been taken "sideways", I have enough space that I can 
rearrange and resize the pictures when I wish. Turning it into a PDF 
means I have the whole thing and the pictures in one file.

Even if you don't use this as is, what it can illustrate for you is 1) 
how to use Tkinter to set up some dialog boxes to interact with your 
scripts, and 2) how to create and use image frames, along with setting 
the image scale to frame size.
I see some email to scribus-list about people wanting to automate 
newsletters.  This may help you figure out how to do this using scripts 
instead of (just) templates. The advantage of figuring out a script is 
that the output is fully editable.

Greg Pittman
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