[Scribus] broken underlines w/ kerning

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Tue Feb 22 05:47:45 CET 2005

Steve deRosier a ?crit :
> Louis Desjardins wrote:
>> Steve deRosier a ?crit :
>>> I have a piece of text with the following properties (set via story 
>>> editor):
>>> font: Bitstream Vera Sans Bold
>>> size: 72 pt
>>> underline
>>> kerning: 15 pt.
>>> When viewed in scribus, the underline is solid, but when printed it 
>>> is broken as if the underline is solid under each letter, but there 
>>> is 15pts of white between each section of underline.  How do I make 
>>> underline the entire word without breaking the underline?
>> One quick workaround I can think of right now is don't use the 
>> underline command.
>> Draw a line under your line of type, instead.
>> You will have total control on thickness, length, color, offset.
> True, which is what I ended up doing... but this won't end up tracking 
> changes in the text if I make any.  I think more to the point... is this 
> "normal" for DTP apps (sorry, I'm a bit new to this sort of stuff), am I 
> missing some obvious setting, or is this really a problem that should be 
> logged as a bug and fixed?

Well, to tell you how we work, we don't use the underline option on text 
when it comes to typography because you just can't control what you need 
to control. Instead, we prefer to use the *real* underline function (in 
Quark) when we have to underline type.

I guess you could file a bug [Feature] for a "Line under text" function. 
I just browsed the bug archive and didn't find anything related.

Also, maybe the developpers will find a great idea to add controls to 
the actual underline option.

Basically what we'd look for is *underline word*
As it is right now in Scribus, it's more *underline letter*
This must be why you get the spaces when you track to a certain extent.

I just checked with Quark 6.5. The 2 options are available. The 
underline option covers all bases: there is no way to set a gap in 
between the letters, no matter how much you track. The underline word 
option is just that. There will be a space between underlined words.

I hope this helps.

> - Steve
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