[Scribus] Newer Fink distro wanted

Martin Costabel costabel
Mon Feb 21 11:26:06 CET 2005

Howard White wrote:
> My Fink distro identifies itself as 1.2.1RC1. I assume this is not the 
> latest released stable version. It would be nice to have that. Also the 
> Fink distro of documents seems to be even older, somewhere back in 2003.
> I'm trying to move to the latest CVS version, but am having problems 
> setting the appropriate paths to needed elements.

Fink has the latest released Scribus version, 1.2.1. You have to 
understand that Fink is focused on what it calls "installing from 
source", that is making your machine compile the packages. The binary 
distribution is secondary and is therefore not updated very often.

Version 1.2-1.RC1 is the one from the Fink binary distribution from last 
August. If you run an up-to-date Fink installation with "unstable" 
enabled, the command "fink install scribus" will bring you scribus-1.2.1-3.


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