[Scribus] some issues with latest version of scribus

Sunil Joshi pavansut
Sat Feb 19 23:22:35 CET 2005

I have noticed a few problems with latest version of Scribus 
(1.2.1-0.2) on Mac (Jaguar) installed using Fink, and am wondering if I 
am alone in this or if these should be reported as bugs.

1.  In the storyeditor, tabbing only works upto one tab.  Tabbing two 
or three times moves the sentence correctly in the storyeditor, but not 
so in the text box.  Here is a image of this issue.

2.  I continue to notice that the text does not flow smoothly around 
the path.  This problem gets worse when you try to use smaller fonts 
(like 4 or 6) and has been persistent since earlier versions.  Here are 
two images of this problem.


I can work around the tabbing issue in the storyeditor but any help on 
fixing this path problem would be appreciated.


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