[Scribus] Re: Two ideas from an earlier DTP app (Eilert)

Craig Bradney cbradney
Fri Feb 18 19:05:38 CET 2005

On Friday 18 February 2005 19:44, el Sism?grafo, S.L. wrote:
> > 2. With a special key you could call a small input dialog, just 1 line
> > or so, for invoking special formatting codes. I think my friend
> > explained to me that these were the codes for a machine previously used
> > for layouting in the printing world (Linotype???). Anyway, formatting
> > was made ridiculously fast by just typing some codes, and the whole
> > paragraph or text was re-alined. (He admitted that hardly anyone from
> > the DTP world knew these codes anymore and he considered himself kinda
> > dinosaur still using them...)
> This reminds me of a feature autocad has and which I find very nifty though
> I am not a CAD user. Anyway, as presumably a lost of Scribus users are bash
> users as well ;-) I think this would be an excellent feature to have. I
> personally do most alignments when layouting our magazines by introducing
> the values instead of dragging objects. I am dreaming of hitting
> meta-whatever and then typing like "t150l40" to get the selected object to
> 150 mm from the top of the page an 40 from the left of the page

Its all possible.

My suggestion to this request is:

a) Create a feature request on bugs.scribus.net
b) Create a wiki page on wiki.scribus.net and work through the types of 
language formats possible. With some user input and some input from the devs, 
we can work out a solution for this.

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