[Scribus] templates and scripting

Joe Van Andel joe.vanandel
Fri Feb 18 05:49:40 CET 2005

With scribus 1.2.1, I'm trying to use the "scribus.newPage() function
to create a new page, using a template.  I've already created a
template, called  "4picture_half_sheet1", which shows up in the
gallery of templates.  However, when I use this template name in my
python script, I simply get a blank page.

ScribusApp::Apply_Temp() is called from "newPage()", and compares its
"in" parameter to the list of known templates, in view->MasterNames.
 I added debug statements to the C++ code and dumped out the contents
of view->MasterNames, which contains the template names:

None of these names match the existing templates in the "gallery"
(File->new from template).  How do I get my template added to the
view->MasterNames list, so I can use if from the scribus.newPage()

Or is there a later version of code that fixes this problem?

Thanks much for your help.

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