[Scribus] Wiki: Posted Link to Cygwin Howto

Steven Boothe steven
Fri Feb 18 05:10:15 CET 2005

Hello all:

Just to let those interested know that I have found an older howto on building 
Scribus with Cygwin, and I have posted the URL under the howto section at the 
Wiki. http://wiki.scribus.net

I have put out a call for contributions, and permission to use the older howto 
as a boiler-plate starting point to work from too.

I am also currently working with some progress toward building a recent 
snapshot of scribus, and will be posting my progress should it become fruitful 
as time goes on.

So just a little update.


Steven Boothe
P.S. Of course I would encourage any and all help in documenting this process, 
it's just that I understand that most folks have other stuff going on, so I am 
quite happy to continue plodding along. If no one else can pitch in yet. :)

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