[Scribus] scribus and freetype2 problem...

Matthias Gessl matthias_gessl
Thu Feb 17 13:00:29 CET 2005

Am Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2005 11:27 schrieb Craig Bradney:

> Can you try changing the lines from:
> t->cached_RealName = QString(FT_Get_Postscript_Name(face));
> to:
> if (FT_Get_Postscript_Name(face)!=NULL)
> 	t->cached_RealName = QString(FT_Get_Postscript_Name(face));
> and rebuild just as test. I think we might have to throw away the font or
> report some information to the console or make a fake realname from the
> other data we have there. Can you tell what font its crashing on there btw?

Hi Craig,

sorry, doesn't work. even the access to FT_Get_Postscript_Name in the if 
statement leads to a crash. hmmmm... yesterday while doing some debug i one 
time was able to insert a printf which resultet in an '(null)' output for 
FT_Get_Postscript_Name(face). changing the line to 't->cached_RealName=ts;' 
seems to work, scribus starts. font is 'Bitstream Vera Sans' (first truetype 
font it tries to load)- but removing the fontpath showed scribus also crashes 
on type1 fonts... something wrong with my setup, or an error in scribus?

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