[Scribus] [announce] CMYK Patch gets image support

Martin Costabel costabel
Sun Feb 13 23:59:59 CET 2005

David Purton wrote:

> If it's not too much trouble, can you create corresponding pdfs for each
> of the pdf files in cmyk-patch-test.tar.bz2 with the patched version you
> are using? I'll look at things and make corrections.

OK, I hope I understood how you made these (I am not 100% sure about 
printer.pdf and icc.pdf). I created corresponding files and added a 
screenshot of the Print Preview window (this has oddities not only for 
the loaded cmyk.tif, but also for the loaded rgb.tif, and different 
oddities from the printer.pdf and the icc.pdf). The files are in the 
directory http://perso.univ-rennes1.fr/martin.costabel/scribus/

I hope this helps to find the fix.


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