[Scribus] scribalbuma4.py

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Feb 13 17:35:50 CET 2005

Here the first working example of this script -- designed to 
automatically create a Scribus doc from the images in a directory.

This version starts with no document open, creates A4 pages, puts 8 
images on a page, with a label for the directory name at the top of the 
page, and labels for the picture filenames in the lower right hand 
corner of each picture.

You need to know what the name of the directory is and type it in a 
requestor....it will give you an error if the directory you type doesn't 
It doesn't save anything, so it should be innocuous to try.
One warning I would make is that if you have a LOT of pictures in the 
directory, Scribus looks like it's going to die....widgets and icons 
blinking out and in -- kind of like it's exsanguinating in front of your 
eyes.  I say, fear not!  Just wait for the little green OK button to pop 
up and your turkey is done.  You also get a little message on how to 
close the script.
I put in the name of a directory that had 444 jpeg images (photographs), 
which made a document of 58 pages, and it took over 3 minutes on my 
1.3GHz P4(!).

All in all, a good exercise in learning Python and scripting.

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