[Scribus] Re: Tutorial for multipage book-like document?

Helge Hielscher hhielscher
Thu Feb 10 16:46:45 CET 2005

Hello Louis,

thank you for your answer.

On Wed, 09 Feb 2005 20:23:46 -0500, Louis Desjardins wrote:
> Sorry to cite myself but a similar question was asked on the list few days
> ago.

Actually I read your previous post. Tried it and failed first.

> When you first create your new document, define your margins and check the
> "Automatic text frame" option. When you'll import your text

For me this was the difficult step. Usually I greated the frame first and 
used the context menu for importing the text. Thanks to your help I
searched harder and found that there is a ready made frame right from the

> Scribus will
> not (not yet!) create automatically the number of pages needed to
> accomodate your text BUT all you'll have to do is go to the Page menu and
> add (insert) just how many pages you wish and all these pages will be
> linked, so you'll soon see your text flow. Don't be fooled by the screen
> refresh. Just navigate your document and you'll see your text. That easy!

I was even more fooled since the font scribus used for the text did not
include the necesarry glyphs and I got an empty looking frame.

> You want to avoid having to add manually a linked text frame to each page.
> And the template doesn't allow to put a text frame and fill it afterwards.
> No problem.

Right, I was looking for something like frame-styles or a "special paste"
to paste frames without content or a setting in properties like "repeat on
next page". Hope that we see some improvements like these ion 1.3.


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