[Scribus] Tutorial for multipage book-like document?

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Thu Feb 10 02:23:46 CET 2005

>so far all I created with scribus were one page documents, but now I want
>to go on and create documents with multiple pages. Somehow I do
>not to see the wood for the trees, how do I replicate a frame on the
>following pages so that the frame is at the same position and so
>that the frames are linked together?
>Is there any tutorial out there that describes how to create large
>documents efficiently with Scribus?

Hi Helge,

Sorry to cite myself but a similar question was asked on the list few 
days ago. The answer might help you. Here it is.

You want to avoid having to add manually a linked text frame to each 
page. And the template doesn't allow to put a text frame and fill it 
afterwards. No problem.

When you first create your new document, define your margins and 
check the "Automatic text frame" option.
When you'll import your text, Scribus will not (not yet!) create 
automatically the number of pages needed to accomodate your text BUT 
all you'll have to do is go to the Page menu and add (insert) just 
how many pages you wish and all these pages will be linked, so you'll 
soon see your text flow. Don't be fooled by the screen refresh. Just 
navigate your document and you'll see your text. That easy!




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