[Scribus] Scribus GTK

brutus brutus
Thu Feb 10 13:56:45 CET 2005

hello list.

i searched through the FAQ and googeld for a while, but can't find
anything. is there a GTK version of scribus? or are some people already
working on one?

scribus looks realy promising and while openoffice is great, scribus
seems to fit some of my needs much better. i was so glad that since
gnome toaster is out i finaly have no need for the qt library anymore
(used it for k3b). would be annoying to have to deal with it again.

futermore, i'm often forced to use windows. since there's no free qt
engine for windows (afaik), seems i'm out of luck finding a win32 port.
it's a pity, lot's of other great open source apps (like gnome,
inkscape...) that are running on GTK are already ported on win.

anyway, have fun and all..

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