[Scribus] Buying fonts where?

Peter Nermander peter.nermander
Wed Feb 9 21:39:44 CET 2005

> Just a quick question, are you referring to a Corel product for Linux or will 
> the Windows product allow the fonts to be installed in a Linux environment?

I think he refers to any Corel product. I have an old Corel Draw 4 I got from my dad and the second CD has a folder full of fonts. They are sorted on type (TTF, Type 1 and something else) and then letter (A, B, C, D etc). I just checked and it's over 3000 fonts at a total of 80 MB.

The problem is that they really are to many and I don't know which ones are good. In the manual there are samples of all the fonts but even that is a pain to browse...

Anyone have tips on fonts to look at? Are there any OSF/SC fonts in there?

(I've found Cheltenham to be a nice font with low x-height, but it doesn't seem to have OSF which I really would like.)


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