[Scribus] Short Word and Hyphen Dic

Ludi Maciel iludi
Tue Feb 8 11:34:27 CET 2005

VANEK Petr escreveu:

>>Hi guys.
>>How can I translate the short word to my language (pt_BR) ? (I edited 
>>the scribus-short-word.rc, correct?). Also, could I use the 
>>hyphen dic into Scribus and have no problem with it?
>hi Ludi.
>Short words is in the main CVS tree now. I'm not planning to release any independent package
>anymore. Of course you can use your own rc file.
>RC file isn't "translation" it's "localisation". You can specifi there what to do for your language.
>You can translate it in language related TS file in PO directory. It's translation for the whole app.
>ad dict - I'm not sure how OOo uses hyphen dicts. I took teTeX one for my Czech port.

Yes I did it. Then, this won't be anymore in next release?
And I translated the scripter (all .ui files), what I do? Post a issue 
in bug tracker (pt_BR for scripter interface)?
Thanks for your support.

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