[Scribus] Questions from a newbie

telkomsa3036 at telkomsa.net telkomsa3036
Mon Feb 7 15:36:32 CET 2005


I've been lurking on this list the past week, and the more I read the
keener I become to give Scribus a try. I work professionally with Tera's
Good News newspaper production system (GN3, formerly known as Hyphen) and
have been playing around with an old version (6.5) of Pagemaker. Hope
you'll bear with me if I ask two or three rather low-level questions.

My enthusiasm has been dampened slightly   having read the "Installation -
Getting Started" section of Peter Linnell's online handbook and realising,
that, as a Windows-based user, getting Scribus up and running on my system
is not simply a matter of acquiring a Linux Live CD, downloading a version
of Scribus, and then relying on a Wizard to install - or could I expect to
find the various requirements listed by Peter (Qt, Freetype, Ghostscript
etc) bundled with a Live CD?

If running Scribus from a Live CD is a feasible proposition, is there any
CD version I should prefer?

Reading the online handbook's target usage list, I find newsletters listed
but not small newspapers, and wonder whether it is designed to handle,
say, a 12 to 24-page tabloid?

Many thanks


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